Friday, April 18, 2014

Nursery Sneak Peek

I just cannot wait until baby girl's room is done!  I don't want to post too many things until I do the big room reveal, so I thought I'd share the same peek as I have with my family.  I'm working on blog posts to have them ready-to-go when I do get everything done...because there is some seriously good stuff I'm planning---and its fun for me to share how I created something if someone else might appreciate it too. Even though I have a whopping 6 followers---it's pretty awesome that those 6 followers are following me at all, considering really how pathetic my maintenance of my own blog has been. LOL  So thank you for sticking around. :)


Lined drawers

Painted original hardware

Even if green isn't your choice of color---I'm really confident about how its going to work with everything else that will be going on in there.  I like that its unexpected in a girl's room, and its especially bold for a baby room.  It makes for a very interesting combination with our dark purple wall! Details on that to come....

Thursday, April 17, 2014


So, about a billion kajillion things have happened since my last post. I honestly couldn't say when that was, unless I check.  (I haven't.)  Here's what you've missed:
We moved from our (decently sized, not super tiny) 2 bedroom apartment into a  FOUR bedroom 1913 mishmosh sorta-Victorian, sorta-American Foursquare home.
This was all right before I had an awesome (but nervewracking in a good way!) opportunity conducting a select choir of children to honor local teachers. It was amazing, since I was the conductor, I was able to have about 20 of my own students in the group!

Back to the house....

Let me tell you, as much as I loooooove HGTV---the home buying process is not as easy as your realtor making a few phone calls in one day and everything is hunky-dory!  We actually put our first offer in last January...and it wasn't until early March that we moved in.

In the meantime, I watched with wonder as things started popping up in our yard, and begging  asking friends and family to help me figure out what everything was.  Most exciting that tops my list?  GIGANTIC beds of peonies in blush pinks, magenta, white, and dark maroon.  I'm impatiently awaiting June when they will be in bloom again for this year!
First opened peony of the year (2013)

Some projects that have kept me busy were stripping multiple layers off the original door hardware--knobs, escutcheons, latches...  They are VERY Victorian in design, copper-plated and I can't believe what whacko would have painted over them in the first place.  There are no manufacturer markings, and I've only ever seen one set like them online since I searched.  We even have the original skeleton keys!


Pinterest has kept me very busy.  I clearly spend way too much time on there, and there's no way I could ever do all the projects I've pinned.  But the beauty of Pinterest is that I can keep all my ideas organized without one scrap of paper. Paper in our house gets lost. Buried. Spilled on.  Shredded to bits....

That leads me to another great memory that's passed. My "baby" has just turned 2! And holy crapola does he really define 'terrible twos.'   So different from his brother at that age, but that's okay.  He's kept up his cuddly, snuggly nature inbetween the tantrums.  Speaking of which, he's awake.  At 11:30 at night.  I guess that's my cue to end my update and I'll be back with another post to share and catch up projects I haven't posted....and even more that are planned!

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Rock the Shot Entry!

It's hard to put into words what this photo is all about...but I didn't know what I'd captured until I got home.  Its funny and beautiful at the same time.  My youngest was 18 months, and I knew I wanted shots of him with big brother, too.   We spent the afternoon in an open field that's part of a park.   After I'd taken a few pictures, I'd realized just how blessed I was with the autumn light--the dust glittering in the background was nothing like I'd photographed  before....because I'm no professional photographer.  But the more pictures I take, the better I am getting. And it has become such a rewarding, fun "hobby" for me.  Taking photos like this of my own children started out as just saving money---but it's become more than that to me now.  It's making memories--its the experience of making time stand still for just one second--because these years are flying by and maybe--just MAYBE---if I keep taking pictures I can slow them down and they will be little forever...

But I know it won't.

In the end, what I'm left with and reminded of--is that day we spent time together exploring the park of our new hometown that holds so many hopes and dreams for our family.  How big brother and I chased little D. all over; and how Mama screamed and and ran SO fast back to the car when she saw the snake in the grass...

Sorry about all that mushy stuff, you know how Moms can be! Now, to some more of the details. Time of day surely matters--these were done late afternoon, about 4pm.  I didn't use my flash for this, but I did make adjustments to my ISO.  I only ever shoot in manual mode now.  I didn't have to do much editing; just levels.  So, that's it. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shirt/Scarf/Nursing Cover thing-a-ma-jig

I have been in desperate need of some crafting time. Not that I haven't made anything lately--its just been stuff for other people! I've pinned a ton of things over the summer I'd like to make for myself, and I'm getting a start on it now.

On Pinterest, there's DIY clothing everywhere. Some of its good, some of its bad. Some of the tops that have inspired me I'll link up.  Here's one that I had to use the rocky translation to figure out how it was made. Mine is basically the same, except without the little holes for a ribbon to tie it.  Another is this ($80!!!!) nursing cover by Dria.  It doubles as a lightweight cover for your stroller, the neck hole is supposed to fit over your stroller's handles. It also fits over the carseat, which the woman in the picture so "easily" carries on one arm...I don't know about you, but my 4 1/2 month old 17 pounder isn't getting dragged around in a carseat unless I plop him in our shopping cart. Here's why in case you missed it.

So, here's my first DIY wearable for myself. :)

Same top, but now its a scarf! Whoooo! Here's the tute. :)

You need:
  • 1 1/3 to 1 1/2 yards of stretch cotton jersey or modal. Mine was a blend.  Something that won't unravel when its been cut.
  • Scissors
  • Pin
  • A shirt you already own to use as a guide for the neck hole
First, lay out your fabric. I didn't bother to trim the selvage, because its barely noticeable and it'll just curl up after its washed and dried anyway.
 Fold it in half again, and use a pin to mark the middle at the top.

 Using the pin as a guide, take your shirt and lay it where you want the neck to begin on the back of the poncho.
 Cut away very, very carefully so you don't cut into your shirt. I'm surprised I managed!
 Scootch your guide shirt down to where you want the neck line to end. Be cautious so you don't cut it too far down, you can always try it on and cut more. You can't put it back on! :P
 Roll over the little flaps so that you can see the general shape. Mine is a V, you can cut it any shape you want.
 Start cutting, again careful!
 Here's what it looks like flat. A doubled rectangle with the neck hole on the folded edge.
I might leave it like this for awhile, and then decide I want to sew up the sides to make it similar to the circle tops that I ALSO like, but the advantage of this is its very, very versatile.  And it was seriously only $10 to make after I used a coupon!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Etched lantern

We got invited to a wedding this summer. I was SO excited to go because that means 1. I get to make something for a gift, and 2. I can watch my son dance all crazy at the reception. Oh, and of course 3. To witness a beautiful new beginning for the lovely couple. ;) 

I spied lanterns on clearance at Target, which I was envious of in the first place. We don't have a a real great outdoor space to decorate, but lots of my friends and family I like doing things like this.

I had a couple etching projects before doing this one, so I knew it wasn't going to end up on CraftFail.  I'm learning to do more things with my Silhouette Cameo.  I picked an image I liked, sized it to fit the area of my glass panels and cut it out on vinyl.   These were  a little tricky, because the dandelions were pretty detailed and had small spots, so I had to be careful not to tear when I was removing the vinyl off the paper. 

I smoothed them on so there were no bubbles, and applied Armour Etch to the parts I wanted to etch.  I did one panel at a time, and laid the lantern flat otherwise the etching cream would drip down and that would NOT be good. 

The side and back panel have dandelions, and they are scaled a little bit larger than the front.  The front has the couple's names and their wedding date.  I sneakily added it to the table they had decorated at the reception with their guest book and other stuff; it took them awhile to figure out who it was from. LOL

Dresser Redo

 I know, I know. It looked PERFECTLY FINE before...WHY would someone paint wood?! Well, because I can. And I like it.  I'm very picky about what furniture I like left plain wood, and since this was going to go in our son's small bedroom that has a large loft bed that he will eventually share with his baby brother, and said loftbed is stained VERY dark and takes up half the room---we needed to bring something lighter to the room. This dresser is good sized too, but we need a big one so that each of them can have their own "side" for clothes.  Painting it a light color helps keep it from feeling like another ginormous piece of furniture in the room, and keeps it fresh and modern. (Yes, I really did just say fresh and modern. LOL)

We scored this from Craigslist (not everyone selling on there is creepy, I've learned LOL) for $65.  We talked them down from $100, cause they were moving and just wanted it gone. YAY!!!!  I was so glad, because we had to be choosey about not spending much initially since we were planning to put more $ and sweat equity into it.


First, we had to remove the hardware (ugly brass handles and fake keyholes) and use dowels and wood filler to plug 'em up. Nearly every handle in Menards and Lowe's was 4 inches or bigger, and I was not going to settle for another ugly 3.5" handle that we didn't like just because we didn't want to fix the holes. LOL So we spent the extra time doing that step to make this something we really liked. Basically, we sanded it down (just so the shine is gone, you don't have to sand it down to bare wood unless you plan on re-staining and all that.)  To get into the more detailed crevices, we just used smaller pieces of sandpaper folded up.  We skipped primer, and opted for some quality paint.  I really, really would like to try black glaze on a piece sometime, but I think it'd be overkill with the two-tone look we chose.  We used two different gray colors, and they have a slight blue hue to them that actually looks pretty nice in his room.

The knobs are from Hobby Lobby, one side is T and the other is D, for the first letter in each of my son's names.

And of course I had to get that swanky cassette tape lamp from Target. 

Child's Mailbox

I spotted children's mailboxes all over Pinterest this summer, and finally made my own!  While I would have loved to find a mini metal one, just a smaller version of the grown-up "real" mailboxes, I made do with what we had. I knew I didn't want a giant one, it had to be compact and not in the way.  Cutting up a cereal box is just not my thing-the cardboard is too thin to survive my 3 year old. :P

What I ended up using was a smaller box we got when we bought our new printer (HP Envy All-in-One, and I *love* it!) that held the software disc, some papers and cords. Its thick cardboard, and closes kind neat with tabs, but those don't stay in very well, so I used black sticky velcro squares on the outside of the box instead so it can be easily opened.  I used the same squares to attach it to my son's bedroom door.  I spelled out MAIL using puffy scrapbooking letters, and also added metal scrapbooking brads to each corner to make it look a little less like a cardboard box. :)

 Link one up in the comments and share yours!